Why Choose Our Subscription Boxes For Monthly Scented Candles?

The warm glow of candles creates that magical atmosphere in our home. Since the low lighting reduces outside distractions, they’re wonderful for activities like meditation.

They can also create a feeling of intimacy with other people. There’s a reason candles are often used to encourage a romantic atmosphere. They’re not just great for cheering us up in winter, but can keep our homes smelling gorgeous in all seasons.

According to a survey reported by the National Candle Association, people said the most important characteristics of a candle is its fragrance. The Soy Candle Co produces candles which both look luxurious and are beautifully scented. We offer an excellent subscription service which involves no contracts of commitments.

Candles to fragrance your home throughout the seasons.

If you’re someone who loves having candles around your home, you might want to sign up to our subscription boxes. Opening one of our boxes is guaranteed to lift your spirits and fill you with anticipation. Each candle comes complete with ‘light me’ matches with white tips.

The Soy Candle Co will deliver divinely fragranced candles to your home every month. Each candle will be scented to reflect the seasons. This is a lovely gift for anybody who loves their home comforts.

Find out more about our subscription boxes of scented candles. Or don’t hesitate to contact our team for more information.

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