What is the strongest smelling candle?

What is the strongest smelling candle I hear you say? With a beautiful selection of scented candles available, we've got you covered whatever your preference.

Today we are going to focus on the scents that offer a hot and cold scent throw. These will have your home smelling divine with or without being lit.

What is the difference between a hot and cold scent throw?

A hot scent throw is how the candle smells once it's been lit. The cold scent throw is the smell before the candle has been lit. Some fragrances give off a stronger cold throw than others until they are lit.

So, here we have some of our bestsellers that offer the strongest scent throw. If you like your candles strong and musky, black orchid or black jasmine is your go-to candle. If you prefer a scent that lingers for hours, then rosewood and velvet moss or fig and vetiver are for you.

Take a look at the full range here and discover your favourite scent.

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